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For a closer look at poster images, use the links below. Linked images contain scientific names and are not used on poster.
Black-eyed Susan
Bottle Gentian
Butterfly Weed
Canada Anemone
Compass Plant
Cup Plant
Golden Alexanders
Grassleaved Goldenrod
Marsh Phlox

Mountain Mint
Nodding Wild Onion
Pale Purple Coneflower
Partridge Pea
Pasture Rose
Prairie Aster
Prairie Cinquefoil
Prairie Dock
Prairie Sunflower
Purple Coneflower
Purple Gerardia
Sawtooth Sunflower
Shooting Star
Showy Tick Trefoil
Smooth Aster
Stiff Goldenrod
Tall Coreopsis
Water Horehound
Waxy Meadow Rue
Wild Bergamot
Wild Madder
Yellow Coneflower